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Best Price Energy Buying

Natural Gas
Are you still buying from a utility provider? Let us show you our short list of the best alternative suppliers.

Yes, you do have electricity buying options. Open access to market-based pricing is available on a limited basis. We are your experts; let us show you how this works.

Energy Accounting

What is this?

This is a whole new genre of Professional Energy Services. Spectrum will make sense of your energy costs the same way your CPA makes sense of complicated tax code. You have a CPA for financial matters; why not have an "Energy CPA" on your side?

Think you may have been overcharged?

Ever wondered if you have been overcharged for your natural gas and electricity? We will audit your energy charges back at least three years and help you secure a refund if you have been overcharged.

Energy Modeling

Should I or shouldn't I?

This is where we help you make sense of an energy investment opportunity. You might be looking at installing solar, self-generation or demand response equipment. Let us take the guesswork out of this; we will do the math and you can make the decision!

What is your Energy Fingerprint?
Your smart meter records your energy fingerprint and reveals a world of information about your energy buying habits. Sometimes small operational changes can have a big impact on your energy cost. You may be surprised by what we find when we read your energy fingerprint.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

New technologies are emerging every day that can reduce your energy bill. How can telemetry save you money? Ask us, we have the answer!

Energy Efficient Equipment
Every time you write a check to your utility, you pay into a fund called Public Purpose Program Funds. Before you make your next purchase, why not tap into this large bank of utility funds for your next energy project?

Managing kW-demand

Managing your kW Demand

Each year more of your energy costs come from demand charges; more than 50% in some cases! Every time you use electricity you create a "demand" (typically expressed in kW). Managing your kW demand is fast becoming the single most effective way to reduce your energy costs. Many of these changes are no-cost changes. Ask us for our list of proven strategies.

Demand Response
During hot summer periods when the utility lines are straining to provide enough power, you have an unusual opportunity to help, and be paid handsomely for it! The load you shed is the same as if the load was served by a power plant, although it is a lot greener because it doesn't use any fuel. Why not be a part of this ecofriendly way of generating summer peak-period electricity?

Spectrum University

Test us!

We have made a promise to educate our customers. Test us on this and you will see our commitment.

Finally—A Better Way to Buy Energy
Better energy buying involves the balance of two distinct elements. The first element is what happens on your side of the meter – your pattern of energy usage and the equipment you have at your facility.

The second element is getting the best pricing from your gas and electric suppliers, whether you buy from the local utility or from a third-party
(non-utility) supplier. You have options and choices that can save you big dollars.

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Now You Know

In October 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger reinstated Electric Direct Access/Customer Choice in California for non-residential customers (Senate Bill 695). Electric Direct Access provides California’s electricity customers the opportunity to shop for the best combination of price, product and customer service.