Finally—A Better Way to Buy Energy
Better energy buying involves the balance of two distinct elements. The first element is what happens on your side of the meter – your pattern of energy usage and the equipment you have at your facility.

The second element is getting the most from your gas and electric suppliers, whether you buy from the local utility or from a third-party
(non-utility) supplier. You have options and choices that can save you big dollars.

There are some things we don’t do…
  • We don’t install solar on your roof – we help you decide if it’s a good investment.
  • We don’t work for a Utility – we are an objective, independent energy trading and
    consulting firm.
  • We don’t generate electricity – we empower you to buy electricity at a better price.
  • We don’t drill for natural gas – we help you buy gas when the timing and price is right for you.
  • We don’t drill for oil – we research the alternatives to oil for your fleet vehicles.
  • We don’t install equipment at your facility – we help you understand the impact of new equipment on your bottom line.
  • We don’t build pipelines that deliver gas to you – we use those pipelines already in place to deliver our gas.

Our Services
Best-price Energy Buying (Procurement)
  • Natural gas buying
    Who should you buy from? Still buying energy from the utility? Yes, you really do have other options and we’ll match you up with the best one.
  • Electricity buying
    Yes, you do have options! Let us help you find the best one.
Three year historical review

Ever wonder if you have been overcharged for your natural gas or electricity? We will review your energy charges, going back at least three years, to see if you have paid more than you should have for your gas or electricity.

Energy Efficiency

Equipment Efficiency

Are you contemplating the purchase of a new piece of energy-related equipment for your facility? The time for us to help you evaluate its benefit is before you make a purchase.

Process Efficiency
Small adjustments to your operating schedule or production shift can reap significant energy cost savings. We have a whole list of no-capital-cost strategies to share with you. Many are surprisingly simple.

Funding for energy projects

Did you know that there are at least three ways to get incentive money for energy projects? We’ll help you sort through your options to ensure you don’t miss out on funding for a capital project or a retro fit.

On-site generation feasibility

Let us help you before you commit to a generation project. We will model the energy benefits vs. the capital cost. We are independent and can help you find the right answers.

What-If modeling

What happens to your bottom-line cost per kWh if you change your operations or install new equipment? Sometimes the results are not what you might expect. Let us eliminate the guesswork.

More than the utility

The local utility may have a monopoly on the wires and pipes, but they don't have a monopoly on "better energy buying". We want you to know that there are more energy options and more answers. In fact there is a full spectrum of energy solutions waiting for you to discover.

Energy accounting

Spectrum will make sense of your energy costs in the same way your CPA makes sense of the complicated tax code. We are your "Energy CPA."

Virtual power plant (Demand Response)

There is a unique power plant called Demand Response. By shedding electric load during periods of high electricity demand, you can be a part of this new generation of eco-friendly power plants. This is as green as it gets and you can be a part of it and get paid for doing it!

Spectrum University

We have made a promise to educate our customers and clients. Test us on this and you will see our commitment.

Now You Know

In October 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger reinstated Electric Direct Access/Customer Choice in California for non-residential customers (Senate Bill 695). Electric Direct Access provides California’s electricity customers the opportunity to shop for the best combination of price, product and customer service. More »