Customer Stories
These are just some of the successful customer stories that Spectrum has produced in their twenty-three years in business. Our approach to energy cost savings includes a wide spectrum of opportunities that do not require a capital cost.
Credit Woes

Due to financial issues, a large food processing company was lacking the credit necessary to buy energy to continue their operations. Spectrum Energy Solutions negotiated with their natural gas and electricity supplier to establish a monthly pre-payment strategy, with true-ups to be assessed the following month.

Spectrum closely monitored the usage, true-ups, and payments, resolved the frequent errors generated by the supplier, and mitigated the resulting confusion to the customer. This saved the customer tens of thousands of dollars in erroneous billing charges over the course of two years.

Cleanup on Aisle Overcharge

Spectrum Energy Solutions performed an audit of electricity invoices from a reputable supplier for a major grocery store chain in northern California. Over the three year span involved in the audit,

it was determined that the supplier had overcharged the customer by $65,000. Spectrum then worked closely with the supplier to ensure a full refund was issued to the customer.

A Cocky Utility

A poultry processing company had requested a full audit of the energy costs for their operation. Spectrum Energy Solutions was able to determine that one of their gas accounts could save an

average of 8% ($20,000) over a one year term by changing their utility rate and moving to a third party supplier. Then Spectrum facilitated all details of the transition with the utility.

Grey's Catastrophe

One of our suppliers was going through an acquisition and system improvements, which resulted in errors on many of our customers’ invoices. These were closely tracked and brought to the supplier’s attention so that they could rectify the

issues in their systems and issue proper refunds to their customers. One hospital in Southern California was not even aware that they had been overcharged by $30,000 one month, and was pleasantly surprised to have Spectrum Energy Solutions intervene on their behalf.

Sleeping in San Francisco

A Bay Area semiconductor manufacturer relied upon Spectrum Energy Solutions’ close monitoring of gas market conditions

to determine an optimal time for buying fixed price gas, saving their company $34,000 over a one year span.